About Us

Our values

Ventura Health is part of the Healthcare division of EBOS Group. 

Every day, we work behind the scenes delivering healthcare products and services that help people live better lives.  

Our diverse group of businesses form the backbone of the healthcare industries in Australia and New Zealand. 

Like individual vertebrae, we may all move and work independently, but we’re all moving for the same purpose: we’re connecting communities to care.   

We’ve been doing this since 1845 in Australia, when FH Faulding opened his first pharmacy in Adelaide and since 1846 in New Zealand, when H F Stevens started in Christchurch.

While much has changed since then, one thing has stayed the same: we are still a leading light in healthcare. 

We’re not always recognised publicly for what we do, that’s okay; we don’t need it. 

But we do need to recognise one another. 

Now is the time for us to look up and around. 

To recognise that we’re all part of something bigger. 

That real power lies in our collective impact. 

That we’re all united by our purpose of connecting communities to care.

And that our shared values guide us and the decisions we make every day. 

We seek to: 

  • Be customer-driven; 
  • Grow stronger together; 
  • Be brave and innovate; 
  • Do it with care; and 
  • Strive for excellence. 

By living these values, with our purpose to unite us and light the way, we’ll continue to empower people, so they can live better lives. 

Together, we are the Healthcare division of EBOS Group. 

We’re connecting communities to care. 

About Ventura Health

Ventura Health Pty Ltd was launched in July, 2014 after an amalgamation of three competing retail pharmacy brands.

Ventura Health is a multi-brand resource centre for retail pharmacy groups, which currently includes Cincotta Discount Chemist, Mega Save Chemist, You Save Chemist, Max Value Pharmacy and BetterBuy Pharmacy.

Together, Ventura Health represents more than 50 pharmacies.

Why Ventura Health?

There are a great number of benefits that are available to a pharmacy that joins Ventura Health. Primarily, Ventura Health enables you to keep your pharmacy’s community identity, its community spirit, whilst providing a host of benefits that a larger group provides.

These benefits include:

· Constant innovation by a large group that is committed to your success

· Leading PBS and Front of Shop deals

· Exclusive deals with individual suppliers

· Tailored suite of planograms

· Negotiated generic deals with various companies

· Access to highly advanced professional service programs

· Opt-in/Opt-out services

· Centralised pricing

· Market-leading innovative catalogues

· Comprehensive marketing programs